What to Wear

What should I wear for my photoshoot?

Whether you are having a family photoshoot or maternity session there are a few little tips to help you be a bit better prepared.

Firstly and most importantly please avoid black and other dark dull colours!

Big puffer coats are also to be avoided if possible, layer up with jumpers and scarfs or a more tradional coat will work better on colder days.

Avoid over bearing stripes, spots, patterned fabrics and logo’s...I also love accessories like hats and gloves for the chilly months of the year.

Don’t be tempted to both wear the same colour tops and kakhi bottoms for example with a little planning, you can look natural and still colour coordinated. 

What does work is complimentary colours and picking colours that are flattering to your skin tone. Dress for the season as well and avoid overly low necklines. Layering is great for maternity photos so a pretty scarf or cardigan and clothes that show off your bump nicely. 

Makeup for photographs should be slightly heavier than normal. Too much makeup tends to give you that painted look, too little might not show off your features. A loose translucent powder is helpful to eliminate shine especially for oily skin. Hands are also feature a lot in maternity photos so make sure they are moisturised and looking pretty.

For outside shoots please avoid wearing trainers they are a real picture killer!

Please also bring baby wipes and tissues for shoots with children, it always amazes me just how quickly little ones can get dirty!

These guys did it brilliantly, all the colours worked well together and the lovely bright colours really made their photos 'pop'!

Not a fan of bright colours? You can still choose, lovely neutral shades, that are light and tone well together.

Rainy day or winter shoot? (it literally poured down at the start of this shoot) add a splash of bright colour to really help lift and add life to your images