Baby Photography In London - 5th May 2014

The nine months of pregnancy is often a turbulent time –for first time mums everything is a new experience and even for subsequent pregnancies you release you had forgotten a lot of the emotions and sensations that you go through. As you reach the third trimester, there is a real mixture of feelings, from excitement for the birth and holding your son or daughter for the first time through to anticipation and nerves. It is easy to forget that there is a miracle taking place inside your body every second of the day –a new life is growing and forming, a personality is developing and as you get towards the birth you will start to feel closer to your new baby noticing very specific kicks from feet and even hiccups. While carrying a baby you are connected to him or her in a special way you will never forget – why not create a lasting memory of this remarkable time with a photoshoot during your pregnancy and follow with a newborn shoot to build a lifelong treasured keepsake of this unique time?

If you are looking for maternity, pregnancy or baby photography in London, look no further than Bright Apple Photography. With an extensive portfolio of delighted clients, the photography style is relaxed and friendly and Danielle has great experience with photography of newborn babies and special occasions..

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Wedding Photographer South London - 27th April 2014

With Spring here and Summer soon upon us, longer days and warmer weather, we are entering the traditional “wedding season”. These coming months are the most popular for couples planning their special day, with the prospect of sunny days for your photographs and a general feeling of wellbeing, the spring and summer seasons are always booked up well in advance for weddings.  One of the important considerations for the day is the wedding photographer! When you book a wedding photographer you want to ensure that you are working with someone who is experienced in capturing special occasions, who understands how important each part of the day is and gets to know your own requirements as a couple and family.

Danielle at Bright Apple Photography specialises in exquisite and memorable photographs. With a lifelong passion for photography; she began work as a professional photographer over 10 years ago in a studio before deciding to branch out on her own. She captures the most creative yet relaxed images, blending into your day and working with you to ensure the important family pictures are taken and treasured for years to come.

If you are planning your wedding and would like to book Bright Apple Photography please phone to discuss your requirements and booking as soon as possible, we would hate to let anyone down and during the wedding season the diary will quickly fill up with bookings so be sure to reserve your slot now!

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Family Photography in Surrey - 13th April 2014

Whereas traditionally many families’ lived within lose proximity (even in the same house!) times have gradually changed and people have started to move for work, university and new experiences, often meaning you do not see some members of your family as often as you would like. If you are planning your wedding you will want to ensure you have booked a great photographer well in advance of your big day, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to capture family photos which are often so hard to come by when these events bring everyone together. Lots of pictures of family on the big day is a priority for nearly every couple; everyone wants a collection of photos of their special day to capture the memories, feelings and hard work put into the day.

Whether you are looking for traditional posed shots or you are keen to have an emphasis on relaxed photos, Bright Apple Photography have extensive experience of photographing weddings and families and will blend in seamlessly to your day to try and capture the very best images for you to treasure.  It is often a good idea to have a think about what types of images you want prior to the big day, if you discuss your particular requests with the team at Bright Apple Photography they will strive to meet your requirements wherever possible. If you would like to make sure you capture as many images of you and your family as possible it is often a good idea to think about the types of images you could have taken?

Getting ready – for example bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done , bridesmaid or mother of bride fastening the dress and some casual pictures of the dress, shoes peeking out from the dress and flowers.
Arriving – range of pictures such as the groom and best man at the altar, family arriving, bride and her father outside the church, group photo of bride and her bridesmaids
After the ceremony – this is an opportunity for many happy pictures such as throwing confetti, bride and groom outside church as man and wife, couple with both sets of parents and group photos with bridal party

These are just some ideas of the types of photos you can choose, making a list of your preferred poses is a great way to get to know your photographer and think through everything you need for your big day.

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Baby Photography In London - 30th March 2014

Are you a mum or dad to be? Chances are you cannot wait to hold your newborn baby in your arms, many of us know whether we are expecting a girl or boy and have an idea in your mind of what he or she will look like but nothing will prepare you for that moment you first hold your new baby and look into their eyes. Capturing photos of the first few days with your baby will give you a lasting memory of love, emotion and happiness you feel when you are first introduced to your newborn.  Every moment is precious and ensuring you book a photoshoot with a professional photographer who understands and appreciates the challenges of working with newborn babies, will allow you to capture those treasured moments forever.

Bright Apple Photography, based in the South of England are experienced and specialist children’s photographers.  The company is run by Danielle who has extensive experience of being part of important moments in people’s lives and capturing these in the best way possible. Her style is relaxed and friendly and she specialises in stylish modern photography. If you are expecting a baby and want to ensure Danielle is avaiabe  call her today to discuss a provisional reservation close to your due date after which she will endeavour to remain flexible in the days around this to ensure your baby is visited as close to birth as possible.

If you are interested in baby photography in London, Berkshire, Surrey, South London, West London, South West London or Hampshire please visit


Wedding Photographer in West London - 2nd March 2014

With Spring on the way our thoughts are turning to the excitement of the seasons ahead, normally filled with special events such as weddings and christenings, perhaps this year is going to be extra special because you are planning your own big day! As a bride or groom you will want to guarantee every part of your wedding day is perfect- each element is lovingly chosen to ensure your day is special.  From the wedding dress to the shoes, flowers to catering, you will want to choose the very best – so do not compromise on your wedding photographer. Capturing every moment of the day and creating lasting memories of the time and love you have put into organising your wedding should be trusted only to a professional and experienced photographer.

Bright Apple Photography, based in Surrey, will ensure your perfect day is captured for years to come.  Danielle has extensive experience of wedding photography, understanding the importance of the types of photo, capturing moments and expressions, and ensuring minimal interruption to the flow of the day.  Bright Apple Photography will discuss your requirements with you prior to the wedding to ensure any special requests are accommodated and provide details of wedding packages. If you are getting married in Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire or Berkshire, Bright Apple Photography is the photography company of choice for your wedding.

Bright Apple Photography has a wide range of experience at capturing people, places and events. From stunning shots of newborns to beautiful family portraits– enquire today about a package to suit your requirements.

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Newborn Photography Berkshire - 9th February 2014

The first few days with your newborn baby are magical; every experience is new – every expression, movement and those precious first cuddles.  As a new parent you will always hear “Treasure every moment, they grow up before your eyes” and this certainly is the truth - before you realise it they are walking, talking and starting school!  When you look back at photos of your newborn you will see so many characteristics of your growing child – and all your wonderful memories will come flooding back to remind you of this special time in your life.  Making sure you have excellent, clear photos of your new baby will ensure you are reminded of all your special memories for years to come.

Book a photoshoot during your pregnancy or for your newborn baby with Bright Apple Photography – experienced and specialist children’s photographers based in Surrey.  Danielle is fully CRB checked and trained in paediatric first aid. She offers a relaxed and friendly approach specialising in stylish modern photography capturing the most precious moments in your life from weddings through to new life.  .  As a parent she understands how special every moment in your child’s life is and understands the patience and friendly, relaxed attitude required to work with children and babies.  You can make a provisional reservation close to your due date to ensure availability and Danielle will work with you to ensure your baby is visited as close to birth as possible.

If you are interested in Newborn photography in Berkshire, Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London or Hampshire please visit

Baby Photography South London - 26th January 2014

If you're expecting your first child and you're quite handy with a camera, it's more than likely that you'll be wanting to get some great shots of your newborn when they arrive! You'll have the opportunity to get some absolutely brilliant shots during your babies first few weeks (if you can find the time!) but how can you make the most of it? Read on to see our top baby photography tips.

Prepare, prepare, prepare – If you're having your first child, even if you've read all the baby books in the world, nothing will actually be able to prepare you for how stressful and how little time you'll have to do things when the baby actually arrives. You can prepare for the photos whilst your still pregnant by getting all the props, outfits, backdrops etc. you'll want on the day.

Make the room nice and toasty – Less is more when it comes to photographing your baby, so it's a good idea to have them in the bare minimum of clothes – maybe just wrap them in a small blanket rather than dressing them up. If you do this you'll have to make sure the room is a nice temperature though. A warm baby is going to be happy, sleepy and so much easier to photograph!
Light up the room -  Ensure the curtains are open as wide as possible to let lots of light into the room, and perhaps wait for a sunny day to photograph your baby!

Don’t miss the little details – Photograph your baby’s fingers and toes when they are fast asleep. The majority of little compact cameras these days have a macro function, which can be used to get beautiful close-up shots.
White, pastel or cream blankets are best - avoid overly bright or patterned fabrics and clothes as these distract from baby.

If your skills with a camera are a little bit lacking and you'd like a professional shoot in order to ensure you don't miss out during the limited time frame you have, Bright Apple Photography can help. For baby photography in South London, Acton, Ealing and Chiswisk, just get in touch by visiting


Black and White Newborn Photography London - 5th January 2013

The type and strength of emotions you'll feel during the birth and first few days of having a newborn really are something you'll want to capture and treasure forever. While the memories are still fresh in your mind and with a lot on your plate, you probably won't be thinking about taking too many photographs in the first few weeks. This is why you should pre-plan a professional newborn shoot and make sure to have more than just your memories to look back on years into the future!

A newborn photo shoot might sound easy enough but as many professionals would tell you, they're not just as simple as you'd imagine! With years of experience Danielle, of Bright Apple Photography, has carefully honed her skills in newborn photography and you can be sure to get some truly amazing and unique shots of your newborn. The black and white newborn photography Danielle provides, will offer you with some beautiful, timeless photographs that will look perfect on a canvas or in a frame!

Danielle’s services cover Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire. You can take a look at the kind of fantastic shots which can be achieved during your shoot by visiting Bright Apple Photography's website at Alternatively, simply call Danielle directly on 07739 568205.

Family Photography for Christmas - 29th December 2014

Many people find that that as their sons or daughters may be away at University or even working away in another country, Christmas is one of the only times in the year where the whole family gets together at the same time. This, along with the (sometimes) fantastic weather and brilliant Christmas outfits makes a Christmas family portrait one fantastic idea!

You could arrange to have a Christmas-themed shoot where you and your family could all be wrapped-up outside enjoying the snow or perhaps you might like it if everyone wore their favourite Christmas jumpers for the occasion – it's up to you and your family. Christmas is also a great time to get some really festive and unique shots of your newborn too!

Having a Christmas-themed shoot would make a great present for anyone and framing your their favourite shot from the day would no doubt bring back those special memories for many years after. Bright Apple Photography are professional photographers based in West Molesey, Surrey and specialise in taking stylish, modern shots of children, families and weddings. If you'd like to find out more about Bright Apple Photography just take a look at the website by visiting or call Danielle on 07739 568 205.

Classic Maternity Photography Hampshire - 22nd December 2013

There are some moments in life that seem to be so brief yet still so memorable and which when they are over, you might not get to experience ever again. Just like your wedding day, the last weeks of your pregnancy might well just be one of those special moments! It will of course be a very difficult and stressful time but it is also something many people cherish and look back to once it's all over. Most people might be able to look back at the odd shot or two of swollen ankles and exhausted faces, but it is possible to capture the magic by arranging a maternity photo shoot

Bright Apple Photography is run by Danielle and, as a mother herself, she'll know exactly what you're going through. You can arrange to have your own maternity photo shoot in the comfort of your own home! This is the best place as you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, which will help get the most out of your shoot.

If you'd like to arrange your own maternity photo shoot just visit the website at or call Danielle on 07739 568 205.


Maternity photography London - 15th December 2013

Pregnancy can be a very stressful and difficult time – the swollen ankles, morning sickness, constant exhaustion and not really feeling like you! Many women just wish for it to be over as soon as possible. However, amongst this there’s also the magic and excitement of bringing a child into the world - a child that is, for a short time, part of your body! This beauty and magic is something that can be forever remembered with a personal maternity photo shoot.

Maternity photography allows you to remember a time when you and your baby were “as one”. This can be shot in your own home in a beautiful natural light studio or in the great outdoors! The shoot can also include a partner, other children or other family members. Bright Apple Photography offers bespoke maternity shoots in Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire. Danielle, the owner of Bright Apple Photography, is a mum herself and has an excellent understanding and passion for maternity photography. If you would like to find out more about her services, then visit the website at

Newborn photography Hampshire - 8th December 2013

The birth of a baby is one of life’s most amazing moments and is something that will always be remembered. Whilst looking back on your baby's birth with your own family photographs will no doubt bring all those special memories flooding back. However, you might find quite a few of the photos have some of the classic annoyances such as red-eyes, children blinking and overly-bright flashes. If you want your newborn photography to be extra special then you should certainly consider arranging a professional newborn photography shoot.

The ideal time to arrange the newborn photography shoot will be when your baby is between 5 and 12 days old as they'll be sleepy which makes for the perfect time to get some great shots of your little bundle of joy resting peacefully. Some quick tips to make sure you get the most from your shoot would be to make sure the house is nice and warm, keep the baby active in the hour before the shoot, keep baby clothes to a minimum (just use blankets, bands and hats) and perhaps most important of all, relax!

Bright Apple Photography specialise in newborn photography, family portraits and wedding photography, and currently operates in Surrey, London, West London, South West London, Berkshire and Hampshire. Find out more about the photography services offered by Bright Apple Photography here -

Capture the Perfect Wedding Moments - 1st December 2013

Group family photos are a traditional and memorable part of any wedding. However, some of the most beautiful, special moments are those that happen spontaneously! A loving glance between the married couple, a guest’s face when they first lay eyes on the bride or children laughing as they enjoy the night-time entertainment! These perfect wedding moments cannot be staged, but require the skills of a professional photographer to capture.

Having a photographer pointing a camera in your face throughout your big day will not be enjoyable! This is why a skilled photographer knows how to blend into the crowd, taking beautiful pictures without being overbearing. A professional photographer will be able to take traditional photographs, a quirky after-ceremony couple-shoot and spontaneous shots throughout the day.

Bright Apple Photography is run by Danielle, a full-time professional photographer that has gained a reputation for her exceptional skills in shooting weddings. She is able to capture perfect wedding moments, from the “getting ready” photographs to the first dance. Take a look at the packages she has to offer on the Bright Apple Photography website Danielle provides wedding photographer services in Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Perfect Family Portraits - 24th November 2013

Family photographs capture wonderful memories and provide a means of “looking back” and watching your family grow and develop. However, taking family portraits on your compact camera often has mixed results, whether it's the classic red eyes, a family member refusing to smile or a flare from the Sun. Your own family photographs will, of course, be unique and beautiful, but if you're looking for perfect family portraits then it's time to call in the professionals.

Firstly you'll need to decide what kind of portrait you would like, such as a professional indoor-studio setup or a more fun and natural outdoor photography session. Your photographer will be able to help you decide. A good photographer will make you and your family feel comfortable and at ease. Even though it may be difficult to relax in these circumstances, it's important to try to almost forget that the photographer is there – this will help to produce natural, genuine shots. Once the shoot is complete, you will have a family portrait to display and treasure for years to come.

Big Apple Photography is run by Danielle, an experienced, professional photographer based in Surrey. She specialises in family portraits, newborn shoots and wedding photography, and operates in Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Family Photography Hampshire - 17th November 2013

With cameras on phones, and little ‘point and shoot’ cameras readily available, there’s really no excuse for having no photographs of your family. But what does your family photograph album actually look like? If you’re anything like most of us, it’s probably got lots of baby photographs, and then a few pictures of the children doing particularly appealing things, punctuated by long gaps. You’re certain that something must have been happening, but somehow you never got around to taking the pictures to prove it. And if you’re the one who always takes the pictures, there probably aren’t any of you either! So wouldn’t it be nice to have some really good photographs of you and the children? With Christmas approaching, they’d also make really nice presents for the grandparents and other relatives!

Bright Apple Photography is based in West Molesey, Surrey, but prepared to travel to venues around Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, and across the south and west of London, including South London, West London and South West London. Danielle specialises in relaxed shoots, and will even come to your home, so that the children are comfortable in their own environment. That way, she’s confident of being able to get some beautiful photos that you will want to keep and share forever.

For more information, email or call +44 7739568205.

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Baby Photography London - 10th November 2013

Memories are precious to us and are still the best form of “catch up TV”, especially when it involves the early episodes of our children’s lives. As we get a little older the images become a little bit grainier and it can be hard to recall the more touching moments of the kids growing up. With the amount of digital media at our fingertips the ability to take photos and movies, edit them, upload and share them with family and friends has never been easier.

Of course we can create our own virtual photo galleries and display the off guard, day to day snaps that bring a moment back to life for many of us. A great gift idea for families is to get a professional photo taken with the kids or even better to have a beautiful shot taken of your child to be framed and be displayed in the home for all to see. This could be an ideal present for those looking to purchase a Christmas gift with a bit more thought and sentiment behind it.

For baby photography in London pay a visit to to see what this experienced and interesting studio can do for your family. Bright Apple Photography can liaise with customers from the areas of Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Wedding Photography Surrey - 3rd November 2013

Although the traditional wedding season has passed, it is becoming more popular to have weddings all year around. This can potentially be put down to the period of austerity and people not having as much money for the big day and will sometimes happily forego a spring/summer date for a reduced rate for other time of the year. Another reason is that couples tend to ensure that they have their preferred dates booked well in advance and that the most popular venues are booked years in advance, which can leave no alternative to book other available dates.


Hopefully one member of the soon to be happy couple are methodical and will work through the exceedingly long list of things to organise once the date is finalised. Dresses, flowers, favours, invites, gifts, cars, entertainment, food and drink, can easily slip the mind and this is simply only a small fraction of what needs to be discussed and confirmed well in advance of the big day.


For the perfect record of each moment of bliss experienced during your wedding day the photographer plays such a vital part in doing so. For wonderful wedding photography pay a visit to to see what the have to offer and to view samples of their work. Bright Apple Photography can catalogue the most precious moments of weddings taking part in Surrey, London, South London, West London, South West London, Hampshire and Berkshire.