Newborn Shoots

Newborn photography is my number one passion, I’m always blown away by just how small and perfectly beautiful tiny babies are.

This is a little guide to help you get ready for your newborn session with Bright Apple Photography and hopefully answer any questions you may have (as always I’m just at the other end of the phone if you had any more queries you wanted to chat through)

All newborn sessions ideally should take place when your baby is between 3 and 21 days old there are a couple of reasons for this, baby is more sleepy at this age, they haven’t ‘uncurled’ yet and cradle cap and baby acne usually hasn’t started yet. 

Bright Apple newborn shoots take place at your home to ensure baby is as settled and comfortable as possible, I have all sorts of props and backdrops I bring with me so there is very little for you to do. If however you don’t have a drive or free parking outside your home I do need you to arrange a visitors parking permit for me as I will have a car full of stuff to unload.

I can’t emphasize this enough: newborn sessions cannot be rushed! 

I ask my clients to plan on their session lasting 3 or even 4 hours. (In a perfect world your baby will be fed and changed just before your session starts and is ready to drift off into a deep sleep, letting your photographer mould them into any pose they like and will be finished in an hour.  I’ve yet to see that happen, but maybe someday…  )

Newborn portraits are an investment, make the time to allow your photographer to create images that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Anyone you wish to include in the photos also needs to be available as much of  your session  time as possible.  You can’t plan for them to be there for 15 minutes, “just to be in a few photos,” because, trust me, odds are that little window of time you were counting on will be right when your baby will need to eat, be changed, or just be fussy.

A few hours before your shoot 

Pick the room in your home with the largest floor space for the shoot to take place in and move the temperature on your thermostat up as warm as you can stand it, ideally the room should be around 27 degrees. Babies almost always look best with as little on as possible, so you’ll want it to be warm for them. 

Try to keep baby awake and alert for an hour and a half before, this will make sure they are ready to sleep and better your chances of getting the sleepy poses. A bath before the shoot is a great way to stimulate your baby and help keep them awake (Please do not try to keep them awake for much more than this as then we enter the realm of overtired which is not a fun place to be!)

Just before your shoot

Ideally during the time I’m setting up lighting and props, change your baby and leave them in just a nappy, bundle them up with blankets so they are secure and warm and give them a big feed to make them nice and sleepy. We’ll unwrap them when everything is ready


During your shoot 

Relax! Tend to your baby’s needs. I encourage parents to be as hands on as possible in my shoots, whilst I pose and help to calm your baby, there is no rush so if they need more cuddles, a soothing word from mum or a little more food please take your time. The most important thing is that baby is happy and calm.

Don’t worry about your little one having a little accident on my props (or me!), it happens all the time, all my props are washed after every shoot as a matter of course so it’s really not a problem at all! However if you are really worried or your baby hates their nappy being off I have lots of wraps and teeny tiny trousers to help disguise nappies in the shots.

Also, don’t be afraid to say something if you see something that the photographer may have missed.  There is so much to pay attention to that I may not have noticed that a piece of an older sibling’s hair has fallen in front of her face, or the blanket got a bit askew.  I’m grateful when parents point that sort of thing out.  It’s so much less painful than not realising until I am processing the images and then spending 30 minutes using Photoshop to fix what would have taken only 3 seconds to fix at the time.

What to Wear:

Newborns are so tiny that even newborn sized clothes look bulky on them and do not photograph well. I prefer to photograph baby with simple props like dainty headbands/hats and wraps so the baby is not overwhelmed. I will bring along several props to use during the session, but if you have a favourite prop you’ve seen on the website do let me know so I can ensure I bring it along.

To personalise your session, you are very welcome to include any of your own special blankets, hats, bows or other props. Please have those ready when I arrive and let me know ahead of our shoot if there is a 'big' prop (for example golf clubs, a guitar etc) to be include.  

For parents or any other siblings being photographed, I recommend wearing light coloured clothing. Avoid any busy prints or patterns that might be distracting and of course wear what makes you comfortable and most like yourself.

How do I book when I don’t know when my baby will arrive?

I accept shoots based on your due date, I only accept a certain number due per week so whether your baby arrives early or late I will have space to accommodate your shoot. Once you have confirmed you would like to go ahead with your newborn shoot I will ‘book’ you in, when you are back from hospital with your beautiful new arrival drop me a line as soon as you can and we can fix a date (usually about a week later to allow you time to settle in) for your session to take place.