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"Family is not an important thing. It's everything."

Family photography in Surrey and London

If you're anything like me you'll go to put together your family photography album at the end of the year and realise there is something very important missing...you!

We are so busy taking photos of our little ones, recording their journey, we rarely include ourselves in the photos. I love photos, which is why I got into photography, I love looking at photos of my Grandma taken way back in 1912, photos of my mum in the 60's wearing tiny little skirts and seeing her again in the 80's sporting a tight perm with me and my brother toddling alongside her, my dad in his bright yellow flares. My son also loves to look at these too.

So I do what you're doing now, I invest every year in having professional photos taken of my family, so my son can remember how silly I looked, he can remember how much fun he had with his grandparents and one day he too can show his children. 

There isn't much that we buy nowadays that will genuinely be passed down from generation to generation but family photos are one of them. Make them good ones :) Get in touch now to book your family photoshoot.

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