Choosing your Products


It's all very well seeing a size of print in a drop down box at the check out but its quite another to try to visualize what that would look like on your wall.

The images to your right should give you a much better idea on how the different sizes will look behind and averaged sized sofa.

Can't decide on just one - why not have 2 or 3 and and let your images really tell a story


Alumini prints - Make images pop with the latest in high definition metal print technology. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini Print creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any environment.

Birchwood panel  - The Birchwood Panel combines the beauty of nature with your images for an elegant, naturally creative finish*. Choose a natural finish incorporating the intricate grain of wood, or a white base for a standard matte finish.

The Edge Print  - Fast becoming one of the most popular products the unique Edge Print is a revolutionary wall product.

The Art Panel - Slim line, lightweight and durable, the Art Panel showcases photography with vibrancy and style. 
Group smaller Art Panels together for a stunning piece of wall art.